1.1 Students on a break from enrolled classes are not to leave the premises of the building unless under parent/gaurdian supervision.

1.2 Students will be supervised during break times by a staff member of The Rage Dance Company.

1.3 The Rage Dance Company encourages a supportive environment between both staff & students, where students feel safe to learn, create & express themselves. 




2.1 Students are required to wear the full uniform as per the class they are taking. 

2.2 Students not in uniform may be required to sit & watch the class.


2.3 Uniforms ordered through The Rage Dance Company will not be ordered or distributed until full payment is received. 

2.4 Whilst wearing licensed The Rage Dance Company uniform, students are a representitive of the studio & should behave accordingly as not to present the studio in a negative light. 




3.1 The full term fee amount is to be paid in full by week 2 of term. Alternatively the year balance can be paid in monthly instalments.


3.2 Fees that are late will incur a 5% late fee for full term payments & $10 fee for monthly instalments.


3.3 If fees are more than 3 weeks overdue, the child will be required to sit & watch the class without participation until the owing balance is paid. 


3.4 No refund will be given for classes not attended or for remaining classes in the instance a student leaves before the end of term when termly payments are made. When monthly payments are made, the immediate month installment after the departure will be paid & all further payments will be ceased. 


4.1 No bullying of any kind will be tolerated by The Rage Dance Company. This includes but is not limited to verbal, physical & emotional torment. 


4.2 A person to be found guilty of bullying will be at risk of temporary suspension or permanent expulsion. 


4.3 Should there be instances greater than The Rage Dance Company's authority, the relative law enforcements will be contacted. 


5.1 Students are permitted to take part in extension programs & youth companies, but they must be approved by the director before auditioning or commencing the program.

5.2 Students in the ETP & EPP who are also in troupes, are not permitted to miss troupe rehearsals or competitions for extension program classes or performances unless approved by the director.

5.3 Students in the ETP & EPP may miss selected classes for extension programs provided they replace it with an approved class at another time. This action is at full discretion of the director. 

5.4 Training at the home studio should always remain the priority. Extension program & youth company activities should be secondary to home studio  training.



6.1 As a soloist, to represent The Rage Dance Company at competitions & performances, students must be enroled in classes at The Rage Dance Company


6.2 Students who wish to use staff from The Rage Dance Company for competitions but not enrol in classes at the studio, must contact the director to discuss how they will be represented. 

6.3 Students who are competing under The Rage Dance Company are representing the studio &  both students & parents should behave accordingly.

6.4 Anyone found to be representing the studio in a negative light will face repercussions.


7.1 Students are welcome to source their own agent for castings & professional work

7.2 If you are represented by a 2nd party agency then you will not be sent for castings & jobs on behalf of The Rage Dance Company.

7.3 If a student needs to miss class to pursue professional work then the director should be fully notified prior to absence & is subject to approvel.




8.1 By enrolling in  The Rage Dance Company, you agree to allowing photography & videography on The Rage Dance Company's social media platforms. Any requests against this must be made it writing to the director or at the time of enrolment. 

8.2 By allowing media consent of your child/ren to The Rage Dance Company, you allow imagery & videography to be used for promotional purposes for a period of up to 12 months from the time consent is given. 


8.3 All social media use will be appropriate, safe & in context. Pages are monitored heavily & foul behaviour will not be tolerated. 

8.4 Students with their own social media accounts are representing The Rage Dance Company & should behave in such manner.  The Rage Dance Company strongly encourages parental guidance & monitering of behaviours of both their child & other people on social media.